Lund Tournament Trail
$15,000 Purse


Lund Boat Company announces additional grassroots tournament support in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Canada, for a total prize purse of $15,000.

Tournament angling and support run deep in Lund Boat Company’s history. It takes a great amount of time, effort, and money to learn the skills required to be a professional angler. For several decades, Lund has offered contingency support to anglers who aspire to compete amongst North America’s best. "This location is the perfect starting point for the Lund Tournament Trail," states Lund Boats Director of Marketing, Jason Oakes. "Two things important to us are strengthening our support of grassroots tournaments, and keeping costs to the anglers down. So, there will be no additional cost to enter the Lund Tournament Trail purse. Just support the local tournaments along the trail, and you’ll be automatically eligible for the Lund Tournament Trail purse."

Tournament must have 40 team entries to qualify as a sanctioned event.

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2017 Tournaments

Name Date Website
Russell Lions Prairie Classic June 10 & 11
Sioux Lookout Walleye Weekend June 10 & 11
Dryden Walleye Masters June 17 & 18
Kenora Walleye Open July 1 & 2
Shoal Lake Bass Classic July 8 & 9
Lund Mania July 15th
Bronzeback Classic July 22 & 23
Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship July 20–22
Red Lake Fall Classic September 2 & 3
Bassin for Bucks September 8–10
Canadian Esox Musky Challunge September 16 & 17
Kevin Fryklund October 14 & 15

2017 Tournament Mixed Team Winners

Lund Boats would like to congratulate our 2017 Mixed Team of the Year Winners Jerry and Dar Woods!!


The Lund Tournament Trail is based off a simple point system by which anglers can earn points from eleven participating tournament venues. Anglers will earn 150 points for a first place finish, 149 for a second place, and 148 for third, continuing to decrease until the entire field has received their points for the respective tournament.

Points are earned and accumulated by each angler individually, even if they are earned while in a team format. Final point awards will be the highest scoring anglers in four of the eleven tournaments. Anglers have a choice to fish only four tournaments to qualify or can fish as many qualifying tournaments that they can fit in. Those fishing five or more tournaments will be given the opportunity to remove their lowest tournament score; anglers will have the opportunity to submit their four highest point scores.

If you are fortunate enough to stand on the first place podium, you will net a cool $4,000 in prize money. In addition, if you fished out of a Lund Boat in each tournament, you would net an additional $4,000 for a total payday of $10,000. "Even though you don't have to fish out of a Lund to win the $4,000 top prize, we certainly are going to award the top placing angler who did we definitely want to support our anglers with a little bonus," says Special Events & Pro Staff Coordinator Ryan Sproule. The second place Angler of the Year finisher will receive $1,500 plus a $1,500 bonus if fished out of a Lund and the third place angler of the year will receive $1,000 plus an additional $1,000 bonus if fished out of a Lund.

Place Payout Lund Bonus
1st Place $4,000 $4,000
2nd Place $1,500 $1,500
3rd Place $1,000 $1,000
Top mixed team $500 $500
Team of the Year $500 $500

In the event of a tie, the anglers will split the pot. All decisions of the Tournament Trail Committee are final.

Tournament must have 40 team entries to qualify as a sanctioned event.

The Lund Tournament Trail selected events are as follows:

  • Russell Lions Prairie Classic, June 10 & 11
  • Sioux Lookout Walleye Weekend, June 10 & 11
  • Dryden Walleye Masters, June 17 & 18
  • Kenora Walleye Open, July 1 & 2
  • Shoal Lake Bass Classic, July 8 & 9
  • Lund Mania, July 15
  • Bronzeback Classic, July 22 & 23
  • Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, July 20-22
  • Red Lake Fall Classic, September 2 & 3
  • Bassin for Bucks, September 8-10
  • Canadian Esox Musky Challunge, September 16 & 17
  • Kevin Fryklund, October 14 & 15

Tournament registration closes June 30, 2017

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Lund Tournament Trail.